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How do I register?

Users can register for the site by clicking the "Register for Free!" button at the top of the page and completing either Step 1 or Steps 1 & 2 of the registration

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What is the difference Step 1 and Step 2?

Step 1 registration requires your Name, Email, and selected Username and gives you access to view the auction activity, you CANNOT bid. Step 2 will require additional information such as Billing and Shipping addresses and will give you full access to the site and the ability to bid on items.

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How much does it cost to register?

There is no cost to register for the site, registration is FREE.

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I completed Step 2 registration but didn't see where to enter my payment information?

Registration is FREE and you are not required to enter any payment information when registering. The only time you will be asked to provide payment details is at check out, if you are the winning bidder of an item and/or if you are asked to pay a deposit which may be placed by security for if you are a new bidder with a high dollar amount of bids; there is a question on your billing or shipping address; or a past invoice had not been paid.

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How do I update my contact information?

As part of the terms and conditions of sale, users are required to maintain contact information (e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number) up-to-date. Updates can be made by the user by clicking on the 'My Account' tab on the menu bar, logging on, then clicking 'View/Edit Your Personal Information'.

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Where do all the items comes from?

Our merchandise comes from many different venues. U.S. Auction Online is where various agencies and businesses liquidate their inventory due to a surplus, bankruptcies, personal estates, close-outs and more.

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What kind of guarantee do you offer?

All items are guaranteed as described.  Please read the Terms and Conditions of the auctions for more details if you haven't done so already.  We guarantee artist hand signatures, watch make, and gem descriptions.  We do guarantee that all property is free and clear of any liens, however condition, grade, quality, or value is not guaranteed. Please review the item descriptions and pictures carefully.

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How do I find an item that I am looking for?

We have organized our online auction to make it easy to search a particular item. The list of categories are on the left. There may also be sub-categories. For example, if you are looking for a diamond ring, click on Jewelry and the sub-categories will show and you then can click on "Diamond Rings". You can also use the search bar at the top of the page and put in key words like Diamond rings, or Rolex. 

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What is a Buyer's Premium?

Many companies like auctions add a percentage to the final bid to offset costs which help bring in high quality merchandise with no or little reserves. U.S. Auction Online has a 20% Buyer's Premium.

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How do I change or cancel a bid?

When you place a bid, you are entering a binding contract. However, if you place a bid and would like to retract that bid, we will retract that bid up to 24 hours before the auction closes. This is for 1 bid only. You must contact us 24 hours prior to the auction closes and there will be no legal consequences. It is recommended that bidders research an item before placing a bid.

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How do I bid?

To bid in our auction you must first register.  Until the auction is opened, you can only view the items.  When the auction is opened, there will be a button for you to click on and bid.

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How long is the auction open for bidding?

Auctions may last anywhere between a few hours to a full week. Please check the item listing page for the exact start and end time and date.

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How do I know if I won my bid?

A few minutes after the auction has closed, bidders can login to their account and click the "My Account" tab to see the list of won items. U.S. Auction Online will also send out confirmation emails of won items.

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How do I pay for my items?

Payment may be made directly through our secure checkout page or by calling the office directly

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How long do I have to pay for my items?

Items are required to be paid within 2 business days after the close of the auction

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What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and check. Paying by check may delay shipping as the invoice(s) will not be marked as paid until the check clears.

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Are there any special circumstances that may affect paying for items?

Yes, winning bidders with invoices totaling over $10,000 must call customer support to have their payment processed.

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How long after I pay can I expect my items to ship?

Most items will be shipped within 5 business days of receipt of payment in full. Larger items may require additional time.

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Do you offer a Lay Away program?

U.S. Auction Online provides Lay Away agreements on limited items. Please check the description of an item to see if it is available for Lay Away payments. The Lay Away program requires a signed Lay Away contract as well as a 20% down payment within 2 business days of the auction closing. The remaining payments may be spread out over two to four months, depending on the length of time the winning bidder desires. Upon receipt of all payments, the item will then be shipped to the customer. This option is offered as a free service on limited items. Please note, the contract may be cancelled within 7 days with no penalty or obligation. Any down payments would be returned in full. After 7 days, in the case of either default or cancellation of the Lay Away contract, a 10% liquidation fee would be applicable, and the remainder of any monies held would be refunded. If interested in this option, the winning bidder must contact the office to request a Lay Away contract.

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How long do I have to "Buy It Now"?

Items selected for Buy It Now are only available for a limited amount of time and can become unavailable for Buy It Now at any time during the auction.

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Are there additional fees associated with the Buy It Now Price?

No-The Buy It Now price is the final sale price. There is no buyers premium on Buy It Now items and shipping is free.

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